In 2013, MMSD Research & Program Evaluation Office staff began creating interactive data visualizations using Tableau, a visual analytics tool that allows users to explore district data through an intuitive graphical interface. This page contains links to these interactive visualizations.

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Class Size Snapshots: Elementary, Middle, and High
(2017) These visualizations summarize the evolution of class sizes in MMSD by level over the past five years. Each snapshot reflects class sizes as of January 10 in the indicated school year.
Changing Demographics 1990-91 to 2016-17
(2017) This visualization shows how the demographics of MMSD have changed since the 1990-91 school year. It also illustrates the district's enrollment history and can be filtered down to the school level.
Human Resources Visualizations: MMSD Staff Attrition; MMSD Staff Attrition Trends by Job Type; MMSD Staff Composition by Race/Ethnicity, Gender and Job Type; MMSD Separations and Hires Over Time
These visualizations, designed as supplements to RPEO report 2016-11-1, include various data about MMSD staff attrition and diversity.
Access to Technology Table
This visualization shows families' report access to technology at home by school and demographic group, information collected as part of the 2015-16 enrollment process (table) and 2014-15 enrollment process (map).