Teacher Team Toolkit Process Graphic Great Teaching matters most! High-quality teacher teams are the cornerstone to Great Teaching. Through establishing routines that are interdependent and collaborative, teacher teams pursue common instructional purposes and goals, jointly examine their students’ learning and share their unique expertise. Years of research link “higher levels of student achievement to educators who work in the collaborative culture of a professional learning community” (DuFour, 2011). The Teacher Team Toolkit supports this important work of teacher teams.

The Teacher Team Toolkit provides a set of guidelines and resources to support teacher teams in the implementation of Great Teaching. The Great Teaching Matters Framework communicates MMSD’s vision and goals for effective teaching. The Teacher Team Overview discusses the actions, purpose and tools and resources that support each component of Great Teaching. The tools and resources are designed to be used as needed in concert with Great Teaching. An updated Teacher Team Toolkit will be available each year.

Use the links below to download the tools and resources from the Teacher Team Toolkit. Some tools and resources are informational; others are templates for teams to utilize.

Prepare for Success

Determine Teacher Teams Membership
Creating a Calendar for the Year
Completing the Teacher Team Self-Assessment
Developing Teacher Team Agendas


Use standards to identify common learning targets for ALL students
Determine how progress toward student learning targets will be measured and monitored
Plan coherent standards-based instruction using the Gradual Release of Responsibility Framework


Delivering Standards-based Instruction
Make adjustments in instruction based on frequent checks for understanding

Reflect & Adjust

Analyzing data and adjusting instruction based on assessments and observation
Team Reflection