The SBLT Toolkit is designed to support the work of high-functioning SBLTs.

Click on the "Download SBLT Toolkit Overview" link below to download the SBLT Toolkit Overview document. This document discusses the activities of SBLTs, including the phases and steps of their work throughout the school year. This document is the foundation to the SBLT Toolkit. In addition, individual tools are designed to be used as needed in concert with the Overview.

Phase 1: Prepare

Step 1: Determining membership

ActionTools & Resources
Defining roles and responsibilitiesTool 1a
Team development strategiesTool 1b
Conducting successful meetingsTool 1c
SBLT self-assessment rubricTool 1d

Step 2: Building a calendar

ActionTools & Resources
Building an SBLT calendarTool 2a

Step 3: Creating a School Improvement Plan (SIP)

ActionTools & Resources
SIP Process FlowchartTool 3a
SIP End of Year Reflection

Tool 3b

Thriving Schools Rubric

Tool 3c

SIP Theory of Action

Tool 3d

Writing your school's SIPTool 3e
Questions to Guide SIP CreationTool 3f
SIP Approval Meeting

Tool 3g

Step 4: Preparing data

ActionTools & Resources
Data inventoryTool 4a
Walkthrough dataTool 4b
Deep Dive visit dataTool 4c
Essential questions for a high-quality data overviewTool 4d

Phase 2: Inquire

Step 5: Conducting meetings

ActionTools & Resources
Agenda checklistTool 5a
Sample agendasTool 5b
SBLT note-taking template & agenda item trackerTool 5c
Meeting process strategiesTool 5d

Step 6: Analyzing data

ActionTools & Resources
Data analysis protocolTool 6a
Root causeTool 6b

Phase 3: Act

Step 7: Taking action

ActionTools & Resources
From piles of data to actionTool 7a

Step 8: Monitoring progress

ActionTools & Resources
Quarterly progress monitoringNo associated tool; track progress within SIP

Step 9: Reflecting

ActionTools & Resources
Next stepsTool 9a

As new toolkits are developed each year, old versions are available below for download.

2016-17 SBLT Toolkit

2015-16 SBLT Toolkit

2014-15 SBLT Toolkit (overview only; tools unchanged from 2013-14)

2013-14 SBLT Toolkit

*This content was reviewed and updated in April 2017*