Snapshot of Room Use Spreadsheet The Elementary School Room Use Spreadsheet is a documentation tool for elementary school principals and their staff.
Each fall, the Research & Program Evaluation Office produces the Fall Enrollment report, which includes the School Capacities report. Updated room use information for elementary schools indicating the primary use of a room and the name of teacher for homerooms is provided by principals each year for the calculation of current room use capacity. This information is used for planning purposes for this and next school year. Principals should work with their school secretary to report their current room use to the Chief of Schools Office.


Your school will receive a link to a Google Folder containing a list of all rooms in your building. Please fill in the green columns with current year information, listed here:

  • School Using Room (Shared Buildings Only): If you are located in a shared building please indicate the rooms used by the middle school.
  • Primary room use (choose closest description): Please fill in an option from the drop-down list for all rooms which are INSTRUCTIONAL or STAFF-STUDENT. This is only required for rooms over 500 sq ft that could possibly be used as a homeroom.
  • Teacher first name (if applicable): If the room is a homeroom, please indicate the first name of the assigned primary teacher.
  • Teacher last name (if applicable): If the room is a homeroom, please indicate the last name of the assigned primary teacher.
  • Room use comments (optional): If there are any comments about the room you would like to leave please place them here.

Other Information

Your building's floor plans (provided by Building Services) are also in the Google Folder with your Room Use Spreadsheet. These can be used for reference when filling out the Spreadsheet.

Contact for Questions

Please contact Kristian Chavira , Data Analyst for the Research & Program Evaluation Office, if you have any questions about the process described above.