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Data Use Guides are tools that support hands-on work with a specific type of data(e.g. MAP, Early Warning System). All Data Use Guides will have content that is organized around three steps:

1. Understand the data (i.e., what is it)

2. Access the data (i.e., where can I find it)

3. Analyze the data (i.e., how should I use it)

New guides will be available periodically.  Please click on the links below to explore existing guides.  If you have any general questions about the guides, please contact your Data Strategist.

Questions in these guides are designed to be used with the Data Use Protocol or the Revised Data Use Protocol with Reflect and Adjust steps.

Download the Data Use Guides
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Upcoming Guides are subject to change

Behavior Events Guide


Course Failures Guide

Course Failures

Data Dashboard Quick Start Guide

Data Dashboard Quick Start

Data Dashboard Quick Start for New Princpals

Data Dashboard Quick Start for New Principals

DPI Accountability Report Cards Guide

DPI Accountability Report Cards

Check out the interactive graphic

Suspensions Guide


EWS guide

Early Warning System

MAP Data Use Guide



PALS Data Use Guide, Grades 1&2


Grades 1 & 2


PALS Data Use Guide, Kinder 



Educator Effectiveness Protocol Guide

Mid-Interval Data Review Protocol- Measuring SLOs (now with video)


ACCESS Data Use Guide



Behavior Hot Spots Tool

Behavior Hot Spot Tool


Climate Survey Guide for Central Office Depts

Climate Survey Data (Central Office)

Climate Survey Guide for Schools

Climate Survey Data (Schools)

Attendance Data Use Guide



High School Completion Data Use Guide

High School Completion

STAT Systems for Principals

STAT Systems for Principals
Webinar Slides

ACT & WorkKeys