Español Over the next two decades MMSD student enrollment will increase as the city of Madison continues to grow and prosper. Along with our students, families, staff and community, we are developing a set of planning tools called Building Excellence, to address this growth and ensure our facilities serve teaching and learning throughout the district.

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Building Excellence is a living set of resources that will be used to initiate a new approach to long-range facility planning. Unlike a fixed plan that lays out a district-wide project list and timeline, our approach taps into an ever-growing database of information about each of the five project areas below (Attendance Areas, Community Growth Projections, Building Assessments, Instructional Design Needs, and Community Engagement). Building Excellence provides resources to identify and prioritize needs through a cyclical process that will allow for greater transparency and accountability, and this new approach will ensure that our facilities equitably serve teaching and learning needs district-wide.
Below you will find some of the resources that make up Building Excellence, which will be continuously updated to ensure decision-makers have the most accurate information to make facilities planning decisions. To learn more about our Capital Planning strategies that will be utilized for maintenance and major construction projects, please see slide 9 in the January Board of Education presentation.

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2020 Referenda - Future Ready

Future Ready MMSD

The School Board is considering two referenda questions for the community to vote on in 2020 - one for facilities and one for operating expenses. Visit the Future Ready MMSD page to learn more.

Information about the Holtzman Property purchase

Throughout the 2018-19 school year, the Board of Education expressed the need to provide a more adequate learning space for special education programs that are showing positive potential for students. Based on detailed discussions regarding the programming options we had available, the number of available seats in the program, and reviews of program waitlists, the Board set into reserves approximately $5 million from the closing of three tax increment districts (TID #27, #32, and #43) to purchase a permanent location for the special education programs, credit recovery and alternatives to expulsion that currently are placed in a $243,000 leased space at Olin Avenue. Learn more here.

Long Range Facilities Plan Links

Long Range Facilities Plan Draft Cover

Find below all the links mentioned in the Draft Long Range Facilities Plan, in order of appearance. Please note that some links are repeated throughout the document but only appear on this page once.

Building Excellence Website 

Educational Facility Condition Assessment 

MMSD Building Condition Chart 

April 2015 Referendum Final Project Summary

2017-2037 Student Enrollment Projections: Preliminary Report for the Madison Metropolitan School District 

MMSD Capital Planning S.W.O.T. Analysis 

MMSD Air Conditioning Status Report 

East High School Facilities Study and Assessment 

La Follette High School Facilities Study and Assessment

Memorial High School Facilities Study and Assessment

West High School Facilities Study and Assessment

Long Range Facilities Plan High School Input Report

2018-2038 Student Enrollment Projections Update

School Capacity Utilization Report Fall 2018

North Side Elementary Schools Enrollment Data and Analysis

South Allis Building Area Analysis

Sprecher School Building Area Analysis

Dohm Farm Property / Acacia Ridge Land Purchase Report

Optional High School Attendance Area Map

Background Links:

April 2015 Referendum Final Project Summary

Policy #1535 - School Buildings

July 2016 Board Update

2017-2037 Student Enrollment Projections: Preliminary Report for the Madison Metropolitan School District 

January 2017 Board Update: Progress on Family Engagement

Educational Facility Condition Assessment 

July 2017 Board Update

2018-2038 Student Enrollment Projections Update

December 2017 Board Update

July 2018 Board Update

January 2019 Board Update

Dohm Farm Property / Acacia Ridge Land Purchase Report

May 2019 Board Update

2015 Referendum Projects

In April 2015, Madison voters authorized funding for a forty-one million dollar ($41,000,000) school facility improvement plan. The projects occurred in sixteen MMSD schools during a thirty-six month period, ending June 30, 2018. A summary of the project and its outcome can be found here.

Attendance Areas

Community Growth Projections

Building Assessments

Instructional Design Needs

Van Hise student on a park bench

Community Engagement

With this comprehensive information in hand, the Madison Board of Education can make insightful, proactive decisions about our school buildings that reflect our community’s priorities and values.

Timeline of developing these resources with your input

We are following a three-phase plan to engage our students, staff, families and community members in the development of this strategy. We are currently in Phase 3 and we need your feedback to move forward. Please read through the resources above and click below to give your feedback. Thank you!

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